December 23, 2013

This week in pictures | Dec 16-Dec 22, 2013

So this is what I'd look like with long legs:

Taking the deer by its antlers:

Mine and his red pants:

Hers too.  Plus mine and hers grays and blacks:



in one week.  I was suffering from vacationitis:


The holidays at Crate and Barrel is magical.  I picked up a few teachers gifts:

Crate and Barrel

and scored pillows for myself at a 50% discount.  The bedroom makeover is s l o w l y coming together:

Crate and Barrel

"Mama, can you take a picture of our cheeseburgers and show Truman and Portia that I got cheeseburgers and they didn't!":

The Habit


Sort of:

He requested rice krispies treats for his holiday class party.  What Presley wants, Presley gets:

Rice Krispies

Like father, like son:

Another trip to the doctors office.  She loves being pampered:

Chuck e Cheese has great power:

Chuck e Cheese

I have a Meth addiction:

Method home

A new girl came to clean our house. This is the result:

The holidays puts me in a forgiving mood.  I hired her even sent her off with hand-me-down clothes (for her son), and said, "See you in a couple weeks."

That pucker KILLS me but that crown is KILLING me even more.  DO you think she'd notice if I donated it?

David's way of comparing recipes is by organizing them in excel:

Colorful Christmas dinner menu underway:

Farmers Market

A savory Indian meal with David.  Thanks Dad for watching the kids!!

BevMo haul:


Happy "3 days till Christmas" weekend!

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