December 09, 2013

This week in pictures | Dec 2-Dec 8, 2013

Seeds and mother nature working together to grow fresh grass.  I love seeing the process:

Thank you to the men and women who work tirelessly to deliver packages to David:

Seven packages in one drop off...seriously?? David claims he doesn't have an expensive hobby:

Thanksgiving turkey leftovers made a delicious turkey/brussel sprouts/Israel couscous dinner:

and turkey chili fit for this chilly weather we've been having.  Both using homemade turkey stock from the carcass that David rescued from the Alexs: 

Color by folded laundry loads starting with blacks:

Then pinks:

Layered with blues:

Topped with whites:

Baked Japanese yams sprinkled with nori fumi furikake.  Yummiest TWO-ingredient lunch, snack, or whatever you want it to be:

Quotes to live by:

Jedi apprentice waiting to learn the ways of the force at a friends birthday party:

Training begins!

Hall of mirrors:

Disco holiday:


Yes! Me, Me, Me!!

Unfortunately, I always have Silvertip taste on a Douglas Fir budget:

Tree lots make for fun games of hide and seek:

Bah, humbug:

"Is everyone listening? This is what's going to happen..."

"Stay in one file line!"

"No stopping or goofing around!"

and "Just keep on moving!"

Creating photo keepsakes for the kids for every year of their amazing life:

Photo ornaments

Happy "pine scented" weekend!

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