December 15, 2013

This week in pictures | Dec 9-Dec 15, 2013

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree:


Lee's Sandwiches made its way out here.  Their baguettes are warm and so comforting.  Assembling a turkey banh-mi for lunch!

Lee's Sandwiches

Crunches like an apple.  Tastes like a grape.  Why can't things just be left alone:


One minute she's slurping noodles:

The next minute she's in the E.R.:

This is what happens when you put your finger in the door:

A papoose, needles, stitches and a nail plate reattachment later not one tear shed.  She was the cutest, bravest patient admitted which had all the male RN's swooning over her:

She left with Justin Bieber stickers and two WICKED fingers:

Last day of tennis lessons:

I admit it is fun to watch the kids receive:

but first, they must GIVE at the annual Spark of Love toy drive:

Spark of Love

Donate toys and get sandwiched by Storm Troopers:

Spark of Love

Meet new friends like Lance:

Spark of Love

and take awkward photos with Santa impersonators:

Spark of Love

Stuff-A-Bus is definitely making spirits bright:

Spark of Love

Miniature golfing with friends at Castle Park:

Castle Park

The kids let me sleep in till 9 a.m.:

Pop, bubble, fizz.  Perrier and Andy Warhol go hand in hand:

Perrier Andy Warhol

We were feeling high and mighty about our lights this year:

And then we saw our neighbors light and water show.  It was SPECTACULAR!!

The displays left no stone unturned:

Elf on the Shelf Fireplace:

Happy "holidays" weekend!

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