January 06, 2014

This week in pictures | Dec 30-Jan 5, 2014

New clothes for the kids.  This means my sis-n-law, Karen is visiting from Hong Kong:

L.A. makes her giddy:

especially during outlet shopping:

Tory Burch

Anna and Karen, true shopping cohorts:

Sunlight at Anna's apartment in Chinatown:

The Hong Kong bakery down the street has yummy mochi cakes:

Chinatown bakery

Hey cutie, when are your two top baby teeth going to come out??


The boys club left me this to clean up in the morning:

My dad-n-law made new years eve dinner for us!

We rented a mini van for our road trip.  David struggles to fit three car seats in.  I heard a few f-bombs:

New years resolution #1...take better care of my skin:

New years resolution #2...continue eating cheeseburgers:

Vegas, baby!

Didn't you hear what I said? Vegas, baby!!

City of neon lights:

and rainbow colors:

You know this is love when he wants to comb her hair and she lets him:

Banana cream pie stacks! Best breakfast at BabyStacks Cafe:

We traveled to New York:

and then to Venice:

The Venetian Hotel

David kept his promise and finally took me to Rome:

Caesars Palace

Waiting for lunch:


Las Vegas strip

Old world dressed ceiling.  Not my taste but it works!


Family fortune.  The restaurant lighting was really this orange:

Las Vegas, it was fun! Later, alligator:

All things must come to an end:

Hugs and kisses:

Happy "XO" weekend!

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