January 20, 2014

This week in pictures | Jan 13-Jan 19, 2014 (the Portia edition)

Birthday girl was all smiles:

and twirls:

Then the girl with kaleidoscope eyes went to school:

She doesn't realize yet that she's the center of every boy's attention:

They go crazy for her saber tooth-like pig tails:

On her birthday there was snow:

a crowned coronation ceremony:

and elements of love, nature, and pre-historic fantasy:

Did you know she has the most ideal mouth of any growing 3 year old? "An aligned overbite with perfectly, spaced straight teeth," as told by her dentist:

People say she gets her eyes from me:

Her arms may be small but big enough to show love and warmth:

Master of puzzelry she is:

Serving me a diverse lunch menu is one of her specialties:

Her fascination with technology creates imagination in random things like a calculator which she calls her "ipad":

Boots.  She knows love when she sees it:

There are no words for that PUCKER:

All she asked for on her birthday was "a candle and a cake, Mama":

I hope this is what she envisioned and more:

Balloons popped. Candles blown.  David was back at work.  The celebration was over.


Coffee and liquorice (not licorice).  R-rated snack when the kids are at school:

Trying to fix something that's broken? Answer: throw them away (or donate them)!!

I bought 3 lbs of avocados.  OK, maybe it was more like 8 lbs:

Isn't coming home to a surprise delivery at your back door THEE BEST! Especially when it's from my Daddy:

Two guys walk into a noodle bar...

Trying to channel my inner Jade Alex:

Cuban indulgence:


Happy "MLK" weekend!

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