January 27, 2014

This week in pictures | Jan 20-Jan 26, 2014

MLK Monday at the Wildlife Learning Center.  One of the wild animals escaped:

Wildlife Learning Center

Do not attempt to approach him and call authorities right away:

Wildlife Learning Center

Now serving F009 at window number 12:

Blown up:

like his Pink Eye:

Gray cloud hanging over my head:

because of spaghetti night (photo courtesy of Truman):

Starting over:

I'm offering a reward for information leading to the kid who gave my son this crap(a.k.a Doritos):

The only card you'll ever need:



Attended her first birthday party without her brothers.  She loved every minute of it:

Lychee lemonade with chia seeds.  East side drinks are the bomb:

You know you're at a Chinese New Year festival:

when you see the following...Trinkets dangled in gold in every direction:

the Dragon Whiskers candy demonstration:

Dragon Whiskers candy

Electric wheelchairs:

Electric massage chairs:


and wigs:

Ahhhh...I love my culture.

Warming up:


performance art:

Putting on his chess face:

Chocolate dipped strawberries called fondue.  The ultimate dessert!

Happy "sweet" weekend!

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