February 16, 2014

This week in pictures | Feb 10-Feb 16, 2014

We started walking to school again:

Fuel for the day:


Don't look down:

There's nothing like cheeseburgers:

The Habit

and yogurt to cure a common illness.  This is what you do when you play hooky from school.

Thank you Presley for always waiting patiently while your mama annoyingly snaps pictures of our food (You'll thank me one day.  You'll see):


Can't read backwards? It says, "will you be my valentine?"


Racking my brain for Valentine's treat ideas.  Then I saw this and a light bulb went off!


Their official slogan, "Take me home and dip me in peanut butter", was what I really wanted to say.  I thought it might be too racey for elementary school kids:

Ritz Crackers Valentine's treats

Valentine's day photo cards go to the preschool.  Their policy is no candy, stickers, tattoos, pencils, etc. What's up with that!!??

Valentine's photo cards

Tis the season to pucker up:

Red and green.  It feels like Christmas morning in our home:

Krispy Kreme Valentine's Day

I give David practical gifts.  I did switch it up by including assorted colors:

How romantic! Then I read this article.  Oopsie!!

David prepares a special shabu shabu dinner for all of us...so yummy babe!!

From table:

to fireplace:

Rice cake heaven!!

One picture just wasn't enough:

My accountants lobby turns contemporary:

The IRS gets nadda from us! We celebrated with some hard stuff:

Truman has restaurant sitting requirements.  End spot when in a chair.  Outside spot in a booth.  And never ever sit next to Presley or Portia for they might give him some contagious virus.  It's musical chairs when we go out to eat:

Life changing moment of my life was when David proposed.  Second life changing moment of my life was when she was born:

Happy "President's Day" weekend!

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