February 03, 2014

This week in pictures | Jan 27-Feb 2, 2014

Three cavities!!!???

"Where's your bun, Mama?" How do I explain to her what the white devil is?

"I wish for..."

"Christmas again!"

Like 4x!!

Perhaps she's confused if it's Christmas or Chinese New Year:

Kids like their lasagna with ONLY tofu and cheddar.  Hold the meat, skip the sauce.  When are they going to understand what no substitutions mean?

The boys need haircuts:

What I wouldn't do to be young and rich like Portia's 3 year old classmates:

They loved my "Year of the Ponies" craft:

Yarn art always takes me back to the 80's:

If you think she is "kissing the ground I walk on", you're highly mistaken:

Presley turned 5! Why is he crying on his birthday? Three shots, that's why (what was I thinking scheduling his doctors appointment on his birthday...oopsie!)

Other than that he said "It was the best birthday EVER!!" probably because I made his favorite parfait for breakfast:

Let him have a cupcake party at 10 a.m.:

and even assembled his favorite processed-meat-in-a-blanket lunch:

He got to wear his "fancy" sneakers to dinner at Shinsengumi, the restaurant of HIS choice:

There were presents:

and birthday cake which helped forget about those lousy shots earlier in the day:

Truman may have missed Presley's Batman class party but got a piece of The Dark Knight at The Lego Movie screening:

David does the right thing by buying the kids popcorn to give them the whole movie experience.  Popping microwave popcorn to take with us is more my style:

Lime green being the center of attention in our front yard:

Scribble scrabble:

The last meal my father-n-law will cook for us before he goes back to China.  It's a Chinese New Years eve meal!

Jade and Jackson joined me for Team Dumpling:

Eat this to achieve prosperity, long life, and good fortune.  The (Chan)sisters did it again!!! 

Happy "Chinese New Year" weekend!

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