March 09, 2014

This week in pictures | Mar 3-Mar 9, 2014

Wet obstacle from the storm:

Joanna went to the little girls room.  She left me in charge of her apple crunch muffin:

Panera Bread

Portia is in her big girl bed now (sniff, sniff):

I used some parts of the kids crib to keep a piece of their babyhood a wee bit longer.  The crib rails were repurposed into my scarf rack:

and a book shelf for Portia's room:

Lots of lizards out and about at the country club.  The kids counted 10:

Knollwood Country Club

I planned on trashing all the broken crayons we cleaned out from our crayon bin:

Instead, we donated them to Blythe Street Elementary School.  One child's trash can be another child's treasure. Thank you for reminding us of that:

Sweet and simple using peanut butter and jelly:

Food art

The next day, Presley thought he could do better.  We had a lunch-off:

I made us salad!

Food art

His Lego build of the day.  I need Rosetta Stone Lego desperately!

Lego build

David and I always get stuck with the ends:

Unsure about mixing stripes and florals.  Always looks better in print and tv:

Left and right high fives:

Playing how many misspelled words/mistakes can you find on Truman's Chinese lesson, while waiting for the butter to soften:

Slooooooooowwwww like a turtle.  Reminds me of my first born son:

Food art

Saturday night's special: Buy One Get One Free!

The Pan Pizzeria

Feeling hopeful for spring:

Wish you could have seen Portia's face when we arrived at Dominick's birthday party:

Happy weekend!!

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