May 04, 2014

This week in pictures | April 28-May 4, 2014

Discovered the infamous $1.00 succulent section at Lowes!! Abandoned little pods that just need some TLC:


We adopted a few for the backyard and one even made its way onto Portia's night stand:

Bedroom succulent

The prettiest room in the house:

Spending $162.00 on groceries:


and $87.53 on gas this week:


made me want to cry just like this:

Where Saturday morning core/cardio class happens.  I didn't think I could make the commitment.  It's been 4 weeks already!

Black and white:

How did she get so tall?

The only reoccurring appointment I never miss or forget...HAIR!

One of many uses for Kraft wrapping paper.  It makes for a great canvas:

Pony tail envy:

Her favorite corner of the pool.  Swimming lessons this summer will change that:

Sunbathing on a dirty concrete floor.  Boys will be boys:

New swim shorts for both at Target.  $9.99 plus buy one get one 50% off. Best deal of the month!!

They continued swimming rather than coming with Portia and I to the preschools annual Spring Fling:

They missed out on a Jack Palance look-alike pulling ponies:

and game booths where "everybody wins":

The boys usually go crazy for bounce houses:

and gelato.  Their loss!!!

David says she inherited my big bunny teeth:

As much as I like having one on one time with each of them, I love coming together at the end of the day:

...for dinner.  David uses chopsticks correctly.  I hold mine the ABC (American Born Chinese) way. At least that's what he thinks.  I'll have to take a chopstick selfie and compare:

Happy Weekend!!

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