June 08, 2014

This week in pictures | June 2-8, 2014

Truman gave me a rainbow drawer when I asked him to organize the kids casual dinnerware:

A little rainbow hand print that makes my heart sink because I know they don't stay that small forever:

More little rainbow hand prints that make the world go round:

Rainbows are everywhere this week even on cake.  What else did you think was at the end of rainbows? Duh!!

My stud muffin graduated Pre-K:

It was a proud moment for mommy and DADDY:

Truman had an informal 1850's Happy Valley'ish graduation:

This SEVENTEENAGER now going into 3rd grade still turned around to make sure I saw his proud moment.  A sign this cub still needs love from his mama bear:

I just wish he would carry his own golf clubs:

There's nothing wrong with being matchy, matchy...sometimes:

Waiting in line.  Not fun.  He made light of a grueling situation with his dance moves and silly antics. I'm convinced adults complain more than children: 

We checked out a new park on our first day of summer break.  Sooo fun!!

Dry area in front.  Wet area over to the right...


It's definitely more fun when friends come along:

Second week of ballet class.  Portia won't let me stay behind the yellow line.  This is supposed to be Me ballet not Mommy and Me ballet:

A mom who makes handmade piƱatas for their kid is incredibly awesome.  Her initials are S.H.

Alive Lord Garmadon:

Dead Lord Garmadon:

Watching them unload the dishwasher.  Bwahahahahaha!

Feeling right at home with Jonathan Adler.  I'll take one of everything:

Thank you Deacon for inviting us to your birthday party.

See my polka dots glowing!

Aye my lord, your sword:

Happy weekend!!

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