July 13, 2014

This week in pictures | July 7-13, 2014

Your move:

Spent the afternoon with one year old Logan.  He weighs more than Truman:

The only good thing about where David works is the slew of Asian bakeries:

Driveway mess.  Uuuggghhh!!

from our palm tree.  More uuuggghhh!!

Wet note that reads, "I already bought tea this morning, may I pretty please have a refill" 

I hope he/she said YES!

Swim lessons in progress:

Her pigtails look better wet than dry:

Daddy and me lunch.  David was home to have lunch with Portia mid-week. I love the responses he gets when he asks her how swim lessons were:

Someone rear-ended us.  I don't want to talk about it:

Thursday evening with Mike Kelley at the The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA!!

Artsie fartsies:

Close your eyes and take it ALL in:

So fitting for these three:

What I look like without my makeup on:

David rolls his eyes when I talk about Enrique Iglesius:

Always a waiting game when you have siblings:

Hilltop homes remind me of when my family briefly lived on a golf course in Bel Air:

Throw everything on the BBQ and VOILA!

Truman woke up to a balloon trail:

 that led to his birthday celebration!!

Eight presents for eight years.  I told him he's only getting ONE present next year:

We spent the day at Wonder of DINOSAURS!!

Some highlights included digging for fossils:

Riding dinosaurs on wheels:

Climbing volcanoes:

Watching cute babies hatch:

But soon it all became a prehistoric nightmare!!!

We took a break to have lunch at P.F. Changs:

Big mistake to bring in our Chinese infused doggy bag:

We made it out in one piece and had a Happy "amazed" Weekend!!!

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