July 07, 2014

This week in pictures | June 30-July 6, 2014

Not unusual to find Presley sleeping this way:

Caught with her hand in the nut barrel:

We went to the library to watch Swazzle's B.A.R.K the Robot Dog puppet show.  Afterwards, Portia got a special meet-and-greet with one of the characters:

Swazzle's B.A.R.K the Robot Dog

"Mama, I thought you said there's no internet at the library." Sh*t!!!!!!!

Public library

We always reach our maximum checkout of 30 books:

Joanna invited me over for coffee and Amish bread.  She always feeds me. Oh, and she had new blinds installed! So pretteeeee!!! 

We took Portia to watch Juggling with Chris.  

I got to spend two days with Joanna.  This kind of thing happens like NEVER.  Her kids need to go out of town more often:

Juggling with Chris

Sneaky faces when we eat ice cream while the other two are napping in the car!

Documenting this night when 2 out of 3 kids asked for a side salad for dinner!!!

It's 4th of July!!

We gathered at our block party.  I love our neighborhood!!

Reds, whites, and blues:

Happy Birthday America!

Number 70 got me 30 mins/10 days of swimming lessons for only $20!!! The two and a half hour wait was soooo worth it:

Kids swimming lessons should not cost more than my new bikini wardrobe:

I LOVE driving a loaner from the dealership.  The start/stop engine button...a party on my index finger:

Totally reasonable for a standard oil change:

The prettiest presentation of hiyashi jaja-men take out:

Finding new ways to jump in the pool:

Wet wedgie:

$99.00 dinky BBQ that I gave David for Valentine's Day seven years ago. Still grilling strong.  It fit perfectly on our narrow balcony of our first apartment.  A reminder of where we started out and how far we've come:

Hope you BBQ'd this happy "July 4th" weekend!

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