September 21, 2014

This week in pictures | Sept 15-21, 2014

Only a few pictures this week.  I got caught up in the daily grind to remember to capture the little moments. Will do better next week...

Feeling OVERWHELMED.  David bought me a new computer!!

Feeling UNDERWHELMED.  Uninspiring arts & crafts:

at the YMCA...and washable markers are not really washable:

Joanna is my hero.  She gives the BEST mom advice:

Mid-weekly fix.  I don't like when David scoops orange bears:


Tea time with the girls:

Chado Tea

I want new dishes BADLY!!


 Love Lucite:

Medicine cabinet.  Before...yuck:

Medicine cabinet.  After...yay:

Getting in the mood for Halloween:

Sunday supper:


My birthday wish is the same every year:

Beautiful warm night with my family.  Gosh, I'm truly lucky!!!

Happy "blessed" weekend!!

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