September 29, 2014

This week in pictures | Sept 22-28, 2014

How old are you?

Series 12.  David's new inventory:

Minifigures series 12

First mammography:

My Dad bought the kids some yummy frozen fish balls.  I turned it into an easy, gourmet stir fry:

Frozen fish balls

Never to early for Halloween crafts:


I love ordering from an order form:

She calls me "the Specialist":

Taste testing my apple snack cake with our neighbor Michael:

Shave ice fundraiser at the preschool:

Her little chia pet that could:

Time of the year for flu shots:

Keeping a look out while they plot their grand escape:

Had a "Deluxe Collagen Velvet Facial".  Treatments get fancy when you're 40:

Presley's hand and us had lunch in Burbank:

Urban Eats

The boys got haircuts and Portia went vintage shopping:

David makes the BEST Sunday pancakes.  He's mastered them in white, wheat, or gluten free, and they come out yummy every time.

Whole wheat today:

Making flashcards:

Chili tator tots is entitled to be served on fine china:

Chili tator tots

I seriously LOVE autumn:

Happy "first official fall" weekend!!

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