October 29, 2014

DIY mini cereal box Halloween treats

Since I don't throw big birthday parties for the kids anymore, I jump at the chance to make favors anytime I can.  This year third graders are getting Cereal Killer Halloween favors!

DIY mini cereal box treats

I've been holding on to this idea for two years after I saw some uber, super, crafty mom (the ones you want to hate, but can't) made valentine's out of these mini cereal paks.  

Supplies are easy to find.  Walmart had the Kellogs Fun Pak for $2.98. Washi tape was 40% off with a Michael's coupon and spoons came from the Dollar Tree.  All other supplies I had on hand:

DIY mini cereal box treats

The internet offers an endless selection of clip art.  I just added my own border and some text.

Then cut, crease, tape.  So simple!

DIY mini cereal box treats

I usually forget about eating when I'm on an assembly roll.  But I remember to stop and feed Portia lunch:

Put her to nap.  Then get back to business:

DIY mini cereal box treats

Stop again.  Remember to feed myself this time:

DIY mini cereal box treats

Then resume cutting, creasing, taping:

DIY mini cereal box treats

I hope those big, bratty 8 year olds will think these are "KILLER"!

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