October 05, 2014

This week in pictures | Sept 29-Oct 5, 2014

YES! Pidan!!

Thousand Year Old Egg

I also said yes to a playdate with friends at Sky Zone.  I'm broke now:

Sky Zone, Van Nuys

So, we have to shop at the Dollar Tree for Halloween decorations:

Dollar Tree

Presley is good at impersonating zombies:

Dollar Tree

But NOT good at listening.  I'm CHANGING all that.  David says, "Best of luck!":


But some things are still CONSTANT like...bubble baths:

Packing lunches (boring):

A weekly ramen dinner (what soup base are you?):

and almighty Lego:

Oh wait! Sunday bacon!!

and froyo!!!

8 yrs. old is such a challenging age to discipline.  Mainly because I'm crazy about him and he's...just crazy:

Truman inherited David's flat head and Presley my round head.  Genetics are awesome!



Portia got (side) bangs:

and then aged overnight:

Cherishing the time we have together on her days off from preschool:

Buuuutt...it's nice having time with my girlfriends too.  Jenn is parking her car:

The Humble Bee bakery and cafe

I was also out to dinner on a Thursday (treat!):

Preschool's back-to-school night:

Does bringing store bought cupcakes to a bake sale qualify as a "bake item"??

We're blowing things up this Halloween:

Summer may be over but my limited-edition Yogurtland summer spoons remind me how sweet it was (dork alert)!

Yogurtland limited edition spoons

The one thing David and I don't share. He's hot and I'm mild:

Senor Sol

"You are gorgeous, Sink!" said Presley.

Senor Sol

Happy "gorgeous" weekend!!

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