November 09, 2014

This week in pictures | Nov 3-9, 2014

Field trip!

We walked to Ralph's supermarket.  Truman is studying about neighborhoods and communities:


Ralph's sold out of over 5000 cupcakes on Halloween! Seems sugar cookies are not as popular:

Ralph's sugar cookies

David turned 41!

We tried a new breakfast joint:

Still dreaming of the Cafe Mocha I had!

He's always working when he's not working:

Donuts are not just for breakfast:

Donut cake

I remembered to take a birthday family photo (even if it's a bit blurry):

They die for that blow dryer:

If I'm not mistaken, it's autumn:


His cursive is neater than his script:

Donations going to Operation Gratitude:

Operation Gratitude candy buy back

Even community helpers get candy.  Love this!!!

Operation Gratitude candy buy back

Kids dinner-to-go:

Because it's date night!!

Kickin Kasian


David said he liked my date night pig tails!!

Cousins sleepover!

Happy "slumber" Weekend!!

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