January 11, 2015

This week in pictures | Jan 5-11, 2015

Taking Truman's new Razor for a glide.  Almost fell twice:



Cloud puffs:

Cream puffs:

Beard Papas

Pulling off the BEST messy, wispy, bangs, pony tail park look:

Van Nuys Airport playground with friends:

Reaching pedals now.  HOORAY!

First crock pot meal of 2015:

Chicken thighs crock pot meal

Market run after three W H O L E weeks:

My dirty secret when the kids are away:

Panda Express orange chicken bowl

(Team)Jeff vs. Brandy.  Best on-screen live drama this week:

wwhl on bravo

Rain or shine:

Donations.  Feeling organized (for the moment):

Putting snail slime on my face in the name of beauty.  Thanks Karen!

"Wait in the car until I put money in the meter." Chivalry still exists ladies!!

Date night.  The lobster bisque is VERY yummy!

After dinner shenanigans at Target:

Hope you had a fun and silly weekend too!

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