February 15, 2015

This week in pictures | Feb 9-15, 2015

Me.  It's been rough:

How can a 8 yr old little person cause me so much head/heartache?

I know how you feel girl!!

Talk to the fur:

Getting my aggressions out:

David knows how to cheer me up:

Valentines couldn't come at a better time:

It gives you perspective:

Repetitive work helps relax the mind:


Kettle corn flavor, by the way!


Wrapped a little something for my monsters too:

Secret treasures!

Love loot:

Someone gave him a paper airplane kit.  Thank you!!!


On the eve, we make pizzas:

For David:

RED weekend:

with touches of orange/yellow:

and purple:

David ALWAYS buys Papyrus:

I LOVE when he fills up the card:

We like early reservations.  It's quiet:

Second round of dessert:

"It's cooooold!!"

On to the next celebration!!

Happy Valentine's Day and three day weekend!!

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