February 01, 2015

This week in pictures | Jan 26-Feb 1, 2015

Includes a free pair of sandals:



Right before tears.  She had two shots:

Pretzels to make her feel better:

David surprised me with donuts.  He wants me to be happy, not healthy:

Like when he makes me a snack...at midnight:

In party mode:

Going the tattoo topper route:

Spider Man tattoos

Presley helped me tape and assemble them:

Spider Man tattoo cupcake toppers

Kindergarten agenda:

Smiley faces have been blurred to protect their six year old privacy:

Evening of Scotty's birthday:

Morning of Presley's birthday:

He is SIX and SWEATY today!!

Giggles and Hugs, Glendale Galleria

Reserved table just for the Fab Four:

Giggles and Hugs, Glendale Galleria

Giggles and Hugs, where kids play and parents endure loud club music:

Giggles and Hugs, Glendale Galleria

The next morning he wanted a repeat day:

Bake sale on our street.  The girls are raising money to open their own bakery called "Sugar Sisters"!

When I was young, a fortune teller told my mom I should never work with flowers or open a flower shop.  It would be bad luck.  He knew I'd lack a green thumb:

But I keep on trying:

My idea of Super Bowl Sunday:

His idea of Super Bowl Sunday:

Happy "Super Bowl" weekend!

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