March 01, 2015

This week in pictures | Feb 23-Mar 1, 2015


We've been living at the doctors office:

Some bunny loves you:

Presley had friends over.  Messy fun:

An 8 yr. old perspective on Andy Warhol:

Cookie cutter madness:

Kake Kreations cookie cutters

Messy boy bed:

Felix is getting married in just two months!!

Monja Taiker

It's all we talk about when we meet up:

Monja Taiker

We celebrated Jade's birthday too!

Monja Taiker

My Dad says he's going to take all the kids to Taiwan when they get older:

Monja Taiker

Golf has been good for Presley's confidence:

Tregnan golf academy

So has selling chocolates:

Chocolate school fundraiser

Heading to dinner:

We chose pizza but the kids decided on Chipotle:


Big Hero 6.  Our new favorite movie.  I think Hiro looks a lot like Truman!!

Happy rainy weekend!!

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