May 24, 2015

This week in pictures | May 18-24, 2015

The kids visit Shinky and Shiny every day:

First pair of overalls...EVER!

No cavities!

Kids really like baked potatoes but with limited topics...cheese, butter, and sour cream:

My neighbor's party playlist was happenin'.  I'm hooked on Nick Jonas now:

I've been landscaping:

Which gave inspiration for this week's Domo food art:

Domo food art and edible art


Horse tail

Two new rescues.  They were a bargain!

Nap time:

Presley's love notes make me all lovey dovey.

You are the best broth in the world:

You are sweet like a flower (Portia):

You are a star.

An Italian ice and ice cream parlor opened in our neighborhood!

Uncle Louie G italian ice and ice cream

I think this is the first time the kids are trying Italian ice:

Memorial Day swim:

We went to visit my Dad.  David was happy about the light traffic:

I love discovering noodle shops when we're out here:

Lavender options.  I had no idea there were so many types!!

I was shopping for pots on Craigslist.  Found "Supreme being" and "Very hipster friendly" pots:

Craigslist ad

Tonight goes down as one of the worst interrupted dinners we've had as a family.  The kids were SO awfully misbehaved.  On the upside, we had a window seat:

I'm happiest when they don't fight:

Till next week! XO!!

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