May 10, 2015

This week in pictures | May 4-10, 2015

Forgot how ORANGE boxed mac & cheese is:

Annies Mac & Cheese

DIY ninjas:

DIY ninjas

DIY bow:

DIY bow

Bathrooms are where selfies happen:

"Cumin rhymes with Truman," says Portia:

Kindergarten Science Day:

We made fossils!!

Cinco De Mayo three days later.  Kids are really into tostadas lately:

Toys for sale:

Was once lost treasure.  Thanks Pink Shutter:

I was craving candy.  I have a gummy candy addiction:

Rocket Fizz for Haribo gummy candy

David took us to a new ramen station.  It just became my new favorite restaurant:

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

I thought about you all day...

especially when Presley and I went off on a different hiking trail...

from the rest of the fam:

You sent me a sign that you were here.  I saw it!!

David came with us hiking today(what!!??).  You always said, "He do anything to make you happy."

You're right mom, he does.  He bought me my favorite flowers:

I still remember that yours are lilies.  

I slept in and watched TV in bed while David was out getting fresh bagels.  The kids gave me cards and handmade gifts.  I cried and even Truman did too!

Now you're thinking I eat too much BREAD.  I know!!!!!

He then made me a steak dinner for lunch and picked up Persian take-out for dinner.  "Not enough veggies!" you'd say.

I miss you so much Mom.  I wish you were here to help me raise these wacky kids.  You would not approve of their lack of self-control, etiquette, unsuitable social behaviors, and table manners.  

But we're working on it!!

Thank you for always watching over us.  

Hope everyone had a happy mother's day weekend!

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