June 14, 2015

This week in pictures | June 8-14, 2015

Marshmallow pancakes because school's out:

marshmallow pancakes

Jackson and Aidan spent all day with us...mostly outside.





False start:


We joined the Library Reading Club again.  They read a lot but we never ever complete the form to collect prizes.  Maybe this summer since there's a chance to win Disneyland tickets:

Mornings have been quiet:

Portrait of a sister:

Combat in sand:

Ariel view of Truman's Lego #$@*&%!?

First check-off summer's bucket list, Discovery Cube L.A.:

Discovery Cube L.A.

It was so fun!

Discovery Cube L.A.

We even bought a family membership!!

Discovery Cube L.A.

Portion control:

Excessive.  Girls night at Anna's apartment.  We made sushi!

The kids miss me when I go out at night because I'm not there to tuck them in.  They always climb into my bed the next morning and are very chatty:

Plant talk with Beverly:

Peaceful state of mind:

Meet my new friends, tomato, parsley, and basil:

Our car sits six:

"Hi Mama!!"

Can't get better than this:

Till next week! XO!!

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