July 12, 2015

This week in pictures | July 6-12, 2015

Hello friend!

Folding laundry or watching HIM fold laundry.  What's worse?

Date with Ariel:

Live theater!

Canoga Park is eccentric:

FACE paint:

The Queens Throne:



It's been like two years...

Obsessed with furikake.  I've been putting it on EVERYTHING! Thank you Karen!!

Head above water:

Carlsbad, here we come! It's Truman's birthday weekend!!

He received a lot of kisses from all of us:

Ice pick-er:

Hotel checkers:

Hotel channel surfing.  It's fun even when there's nothing on.  Right!!??

David found a brewery in the middle of an industrial park:

Typical Truman and Presley on vacation:

They reconnect:

and fall in love all over again:

Good morning Legoland.  We just saw you 4 months ago!

Why don't we have season passes yet???

I can appreciate beautiful landscape anywhere:


A way to this boys heart is Lego:

Park food is goooood even when it's not goooood:

His ride:

Her ride:

Legoland California sign

Goodbyes suck:

But...we'll be back soon!

Till next week! XO!!

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