August 02, 2015

This week in pictures | July 27-Aug 2, 2015


School supplies

But first, the beach:

Buried in sand at Point Dume State Beach

Joanna and I at Point Dume:

Point Dume State Beach

Our boys met when they were just in diapers:

Point Dume State Beach

See Weed:

Point Dume State Beach seaweed

See Gull:

Point Dume State Beach


Point Dume State Beach

Native American storytelling:

Native American storytelling at Van Nuys Public Library

Checking out books:

Van Nuys Public Library

Librarians don't like us very much:

Van Nuys Public Library

Lots of recycling this week:

Solstice canyon:

Solstice canyon trail

I dragged them on a TWO MILE hike to a waterfall with no water.  Kill me moment:

Solstice canyon waterfall in the summer

But I got some great outdoor shots of them!

Online addiction.  Their sales are too good:

Zara online shopping

Caught in the act of something funny:

Sunday at Zuma:

Goof balls:

since first grade:

Till next week! XO!!

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