March 13, 2016

This week in pictures | Mar 7-13, 2016

One of two need shots.

She took the news hard.


Cabbage at


Where's the Poop? on



Therein lies where my old house used to be.

Mulholland Place at

Therein lies enchiladas.

See more recipes at

Hooray for a no substitution meal (minus sour cream for Truman)!

See more recipes at

Makeshift rain barrels.

I see the Matrix digital code.

I never noticed how pretty Jenn's tree lined street was until after the rain.

Trash power.

Take-out date night.

Persian food at

Bar food date night.

I love trying new oysters with David.

She likes S E E F O O D too!!!

Furniture shopping.

Jonathan Adler at

The way a father looks at his daughter is caught on camera.

Happy Days Cafe at

Stuffed churros sampler!

Happy Days Cafe at


To trim or not to trim???

Till next week! But for now see what we were up to...

2nd week of March 2015

2nd week of March 2014

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