June 23, 2016

Who do you love more...mom or dad?

Since Father's Day was last weekend and Mother's Day was yesterday, I mean last month, I'm doing a side by side comparison on which parent's day outshined the other.  Just kidding.  You can't put a monetary value on love but retail trends do prove more money is forked over on Mother's Day than Father's Day.  What does that tell you? Moms rule...and Dads are o.k. with it.

The pictures on the left or top side are from Mother's Day and the right or bottom side are from Father's Day.  It's not a contest but clearly, I'm the kid's favorite.

We had artisan paper bags crafted for us.

Her lox/bagels vs. his coffee/Legos.

Flowers to go around.

Super store sprees on the eve.

Frys vs. Target

Taking turns with these three.

South Coast Botanical Garden

From a botanical garden to a cultural institution...

Japanese American Museum

We explored vast terrains.

Spotted flying insects.

Nourished a few birds.

Stared at koi fish.

And David and I sat across both dads during Korean BBQ - delish!!

Manna Little Toyko

I miss my Mom in silence not just on Mother's Day but everyday.  She believed most women did better and knew better.  If she were around I'd still be hearing, "Yo fatha know na-ding laaa!" Translation: "Your father knows nothing." HA!

Luckily my kids have a father who knows quite a lot.

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