July 06, 2016

All that and a bag of Doritos

I'm talk'in about summer. But you already knew that since you're probably having a fan-FREAK'IN-tastic time too. I'm really appreciating every doggy day bit of summer, even as simple as slumping on our front yard - an American term for front part of your house with grass.  You should try it.  It makes dilly-dallying that much more comfortable.

Thing is, the kids are getting older.  I'm coming undone.  David is unraveling.  And the question I keep asking myself is why are my multi-vitamins proving energy INEFFICIENT? Seriously, in summer I'm better at slowing down and not being so rigid.  The best part is I don't feel one ounce of guilt.  Holy cow...it's nice to not feel stressed.

Here's to being carefree!

Cheers to hot dog lunches.

Backyard BBQ'S.

Play dates.

Staying in touch with friends.  YES!

Quiet time.

When no one's looking.


Latest muscles.

Chess alfresco.

Remember to return books.  Remember to return books.  Remember to return books.

library reading program

VBS week for Portia.

VBS at Bel Air Pres Church

She also took her very first tennis lesson.

She calls herself a tennis player now.

Family day at Katrina's.  Hair cuts for all except me.

Proof that summer is all that and bag of Doritos.  See Doritos.

SB Zoo

Nanu Nanu.

SB Zoo

July 4th in Santa Barbara!

SB Zoo

The weather was perfect.

SB Zoo

Kids play.

SB Zoo

While Dad sleeps.

SB Zoo

He gets it.

SB Zoo

Parents who need a date night.

SB Zoo

I think this is what the millennials call #loungelife.

Oh summer, I promise to be nice in winter if you stay a bit longer...

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