October 29, 2016

diy ramen costume + green tea hat

diy ramen noodle costume for halloween

Last year a monstrous child size AT-AT, a.k.a Imperial Walker came trick-or-treating at our door step on all fours. And I went, "WHAT THAAA!!!!" I was in awe and envy that this mommy neighbor could attempt such greatness.  Yes, I had a mommy crush for a while.  But it was this kind of inspiration I needed to create my own version of a mini WHAT THAAA!!! in my diy ramen costume.

Part of a yummy bowl of hot ramen are the accompaniments of course: chashu, fish cake, hard boil egg, seaweed, all topped with green onions.

easy diy ramen noodle costume

I love having ice cold green tea with my ramen.  What about you?

easy diy ramen noodle costume and green tea hat headband for halloween

I hope I made the ramen lovers community proud!

easy diy ramen noodle costume for halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!!


  1. Hi - great costume! Just wondering what you used for the noodles and how you assembled it to make it upright? Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I used yarn for the noodles. The top and bowl are separate pieces. I bought the bin at the .99 store, cut the bottom out so my daughter could slip right into it. Conveniently, the width of her thighs and the of the bottom of the bin held up when she walked. I left the handles on just for extra handling if she wanted to hold the bowl up herself. Let me know if you have any further questions!


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