November 10, 2016

growing up hui in autumn

Here's what we've been up to...

We attended the Good+ Foundation bash.

good+ foundation halloween bash family festival in support of families in need

And walked through a messy Lego stash. (PICKLES!!!!)

lego mess done by the dog

We chopped off rooster heads.

rooster heads cut out for kindergarten class

And ate dragon tails.

diy dragon hat made from cut out paper and paint

Halloween was like a scene from The Walking Dead.

halloween kids party with kids playing on the front yard

Some football.

diy makeshift football yardage with paper plates and sticks

A bonfire.

halloween bonfire with friends

Presley fell under a spell.

halloween party with friends from school

And Sasquatch, a.k.a Bigfoot, fell.

Sasquatch Bigfoot sighting is alive and well in southern california

Argyle socks.

argyle socks for school

Disposable gowns.

kids doctors gown ready to be examined

Goodbye kisses.

Let's get out of town!

star wars car exhibit at the discovery cube l.a.

The boys art class participated in the Dia De Los Muertos arts festival.

Dia De Los Muertos arts festival

Dia De Los Muertos arts festival

Dia De Los Muertos arts festival

Dia De Los Muertos arts festival

Dia De Los Muertos arts festival

Lunch date with my engineer at Waffles & More!

breakfast for lunch at waffles & more with my son

After doing some community sharing at the library.

community sharing at the library discussing FLL robotics competition

He still sits on daddy's lap...I love that.

never to old to sit on your dads lap

This little PINKY...

mcdonalds french fry etiquette

Went to the park.

happy girl at the park skipping with her starbucks water

Rode on a piggy back.

piggy back rides on minecraft pigs in front of Sandbox Kids

And got smashed after dark.

We dusted off our umbrellas.

rainy day umbrellas are good

Enjoyed a raindrop or two...

Right before a very late night.

Pet Shop Boys!! Look at these two!!!

diy pet shop boys cone heads costume

This is the boys second tour experience.

diy pet shop boys cone heads costume

Double doppelgangers.  I was really happy how my diy PSB costumes turned out!

diy pet shop boys cone heads costume

Felix turned 43!

celebrating felix's 43rd birthday

Pickles turned 10!

dog turns 10

And David...well, he'll always be that CSUN schoolboy to me.

david turns 43

Is it already Thanksgiving!!?? Can't deal...

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