November 21, 2016

Little Boy Wolf

This is a tale of a werewolf named Little Boy Wolf.

kids werewolf costume

Little Boy Wolf loved to play.  He loved to hunt.  He loved to run.  And he loved his pack.  He had a brother named Kylo TruRen who was the commander of the First Pack.

kids werewolf costume and kylo ren kids costume

And a cousin named Zombieson Alex who was the captain of their den.

kids werewolf costume and zombie football player

Little Boy Wolf was a curious wolf.  Everyone called him Little Boy Wolf because Little Boy Wolf wished so much to be a boy and not a werewolf.  He wanted to act and play like other children.  He didn't want other children to be afraid of him.  He just wanted to look ordinary so he could fit in and make new friends.  So one day, Little Boy Wolf said goodbye to his pack and went off to become a boy.

He found out boys eat fruit.  But not before they spruce them up.

kids werewolf costume

Boys color.

kids werewolf costume

Boys decorate cookies.

kids werewolf costume

And boys sit for portraits.

kids werewolf costume

His adventures took him places he'd never been before.

kids werewolf costume

Little Boy Wolf was as happy as can be.  Last I heard, he was spotted walking in a school parade.

kids werewolf costume

It turns out Little Boy Wolf enrolled himself at a mutant immersion school.

kids werewolf costume

This school was special not only because it helped foster human/mutant relationships but nurtured each and everyone's talents.  Little Boy Wolf realized he didn't want to be ordinary anymore.  He liked being special and he loved being a werewolf.  Little Boy Wolf was no longer Little Boy Wolf...just Little Wolf.  And Little Wolf lived happily ever after.


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