December 06, 2016

This week in pictures | holidays are here

Hello elevated snowman!

outdoor lights

Every year we buy more lights.  And every year David says we don't have enough lights.

outdoor lights

Indoor duty goes to the kids and I.

Our family record for how quickly we get our artificial tree assembled gets better every year. This is our 3rd year.  I'm still having pine withdrawals.

Mr. Pickles shaved off a few inches but kept his man beard.

We hung up our stockings.

We strolled through Trader Joes.

trader joes samples

And found one of my favorite holiday things!!

"Santa's here, Santa's here!!"

Santa asked Presley if he wanted a PortiaPorshe for Christmas.  HA!!!

The week didn't start off so festive.

He's so hard on himself...about everything.

"Do your math homework and you'll feel better," I say.

Everything's going to be o.k. because somebody loves you Presley.

This somebody received medals and certificates for Honor Roll and being an Accelerated Reader!

Across town Truman performed songs from Colonial America led by the L.A. Opera.

I told him to tuck in his shirt before the performance.  He never listens to my good fashion sense.

Our weekends have been jam-packed lately.

Max turned eight and had a gummy bear cake!!! I tried to get a picture of it.  It's a dream cake I wish I had when I was eight.

The night before, Joanne invited us over for dinner.

It was taco night!

Her holiday decorations were precious!

She's an amazing mom of five!!!

But she feels like this sometimes (as all moms do!).

That's how I feel about Santa Ana winds.  Our pool man must curse our pool every autumn.

C'est la vie!

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