September 25, 2017

Best mom in the whole wide world, universe, and galaxy

The first born said so.  And he's pretty smart.

Here's a look back since the last time I posted:

Mommy turned 43.  I had cake.


the counter in downtown los angeles

Corned beef hash.

Bea Bea's for breakfast in Burbank

And seafood broil.  My favorite meal of the week.

kickin kasian northridge

I became a mom at 32.  Where does the time go😭!!!???

First preschool pic vs. First middle school pic.

You're never too old to believe in mermaids.

And never to young to start your first crush.  I think Portia likes a boy in her class.  His last name has four consonants.  He's Japanese.

My date on a Monday night!!!

New Order at the Hollywood Bowl.

goldfrapp and new order at the hollywood bowl

David snuck a picture of me on the Bowl Shuttle.  This must be my happy, relaxed, no kids face.

36 days since the kids went back to school.

I gave them a "last meal" of their choosing on the eve.  Taco Bell is still their fast food favorite.

taco bell

And one last matinee.  Presley's best friend came along.  We miss you Max!!

First field trip of the year at Olvera Street!

casa california at olvera street

I fell in love with Emma who was in my group.  She's got big personality.

Union Station tour.

union station

TAP card experience.

TAP at union station

Mom chaperones.

metro at union station

Seeing the light up 100 steps to Grand Park.

union station to grand park

Extracurricular fun...

In his underwear.

Cookies on rotation.

Becoming a YouTube sensation.

Scouting ice cream flavors.

sweet rose creamery in studio city

Church volleyball.

Roller Disco.

After dinner water show.

True happiness can be found in the simplest of moments.

When everyone wants something different on our picnic.

Space-themed fruit platter for Bianca's galactic baby shower.  I think this is my first time doing a grown-up fruit platter.

space themed fruit platter for galactic baby shower

Then I made a cake.  A diaper cake.

diaper cake with all the fixings

Portia asked if I could make her one out of underwear.

diaper cake

Can't wait to hold my one-and-only niece!!!!

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