June 09, 2013

This week in pictures | June 3 - June 9, 2013

I like one-bowl meals.  Tuesday's spam musubi bowl:

Thursday's tofu with shredded pork bowl:

Neighborhood friends:

I go bananas for you:

and you too:

Two visitors came to Balboa for show and tell:

Truman said the tortoises felt weird.  Presley said they were funny:

Left is what happens when I tell David to pick up a FEW boxes of pasta at the market.  Right is what happens when I pull out my go to didn't-have-time-to-make-something-from-scratch dessert for a potluck: 

Everyone and their mother has made this Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies recipe.  But I insist on Ghirardelli brownie mix and in our house we call this the Brookie Bar:

Not for those who can't stand the sweet:

Keep the crusts to make brownie sprinkles.  "This is better than Yogurtland!" said Presley.

Answer to how do Moms do what they do:

Officially became summer reading club members at the library:

More cyclists needed:

Truman's new church shoes.  May God keep them clean:

Lots of blue:

Bumpy shuttle ride:

This is Paul:

He took us to dinner in K-town for some spicy, lip-burning dishes:

Right after we met his newborn son, Mason Ji.  David said I can't keep him:

Hope you witnessed a miracle this weekend too!

{Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies recipe adapted from Tidy Mom}

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