July 21, 2013

This week in pictures | July 15-21, 2013

Having a bad day? This will certainly make you smile:

Eat your greens.  Kiwi on a plate:

Kiwi on a stick:

Kiwi on palm trees:

Professor Bomba's binoculars:

I am totally guilty of on-going car neglect.  My fourth baby finally got a car wash:

We were looking for shapes in the suds.  Can you find the rabbit:

Our neighbor John gave us some homegrown zucchini:

We dipped, dunked, and breaded for some crispy, luscious goodness:

In Little Osaka with my little people:

Wall of Pocky:

Soaring with Big Bird.  What is the appeal with kids and coin operated rides:

David got a new job and I got a bonus.  He is so good to me:

We had dinner at Tsurumaru Udon Honpo, a self-service udon cafeteria:

where they serve homemade udon noodles:

You pick your udon, a choice of onigiri, and tempura from the tempura bar:

What you get is simple, homestyle Japanese cooking.  Their dashi is so rich and flavorful:

My Mom once said to me, "you are my heart".  I didn't understand that until I had my own kids:

We went for a bike ride today to our neighborhood farmers market:

A reminder to always be thankful of where we live:

Truman still won't let us take off his training wheels:

He makes funny faces when he's worried about pine needles falling on his head:

Of course I bought some pluots and plums.  My absolute favorite fruits to eat in the summer:

Truman said the purple bell peppers smelled salty:

I surprised David and picked up a few tamales for lunch...beef, chicken, and corn.  They sold out of pork:

On the way home:

I saw this sign that I would definitely put in front of my house if I drank wine.  I bet a really warm and wonderful family lives here:

After a beautiful afternoon it was time for some beauty rest.  Ahhh...to be two and covered in dots.  Lucky girl:

Happy restful weekend!


  1. Love your creativity with food--great palm trees!

    1. Thank you!! I need more practice but it's fun!


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