August 18, 2013

This week in pictures | Aug 12-Aug 18, 2013

Swimming on the last day before back to school with cousin Jackson:

Look what my sister bought ME at Comic-con! Did I say me? I meant Portia:

Ugly Doll Hello Kitty

From LEGO bricks to new kicks...Truman found a way to take LEGO to second grade:

Lego sneakers

Watching him walk away is never easy:

Presley LOVES pre-k.  With his new school just blocks away, we've been walk'n:


and bike'n.  We did hit a BUMP in the road.  This is his "I don't want to wear a helmet!" face:

After much convincing and coercion:

He was off:

Portia will stop for EVERY dandelion.  E-v-v-v-v-e-r-y-y-y-y dandelion:

She's been learning shapes:

and colors.  "See Portia...This is orange!"

Street art while we were out to dinner:

Shaved ice for five:

We found a personalized monogram wall:

Quote of the day:

With the start of second grade, pre-k, and Chinese school, I needed something to cheer me up.  Devil's food cake layered with fudge.  The only thing missing is vanilla ice cream:

A gorgeous day to picnic at the rehabilitated Echo Park Lake:

Echo Park Lake

Little legs make it hard to keep up:

Echo Park Lake

Meet Trouble:

another Trouble:

and more Trouble:

Boys will be boys:

Echo Park Lake

High-rise palm trees that go on and on and on:

Echo Park Lake

One last thing! Happy 71st Birthday to my Dad with love from all of us Trouble Huis:

Happy "I-survived-back-to-school" weekend!

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