August 04, 2013

This week in pictures | July 29-Aug 4, 2013

I forgot how much I love (Asian only) food court dining like this one at the Korean Galleria Market in Northridge.  It's not what you think when you hear "mall food court":

Galleria Market, Northridge food court

Imagine Abalone, decadent, comfort food in a bowl:

Abalone porridge

Dreaming of kimchi in your sleep will be a possibility:

Galleria Market, Northridge

Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl:

Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl

Waiting for friends to arrive:

Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl

That is Presley's (blond) girlfriend, Drew:

Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl

He makes her laugh:

Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl

We wore matching pink:

Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl

Picnicking is a must at the bowl:

Picnicking at the Hollywood Bowl

My friends Stephanie and Jill introduced me to Frosted Cupcakery:

Frosted Cupcakery

We became fast (BEST) friends:

Frosted Cupcakery

Portia likes a classic chocolate buttercream on chocolate just like me:

Frosted Cupcakery

They are so smitten with each other:

Frosted Cupcakery

Six childhood girlfriends and one best ever hazelnut latte along side a honey butter bread drizzled with caramel sauce, cinnamon sprinkles, and a dollop of fresh cream at Tom N Toms coffee.  Only women could appreciate this mega toast:

Tom N Toms Coffee Honey Butter Bread

Downtown at midnight.  Quiet in the car.  A rare occurrence:

Downtown Los Angeles

When life hands you oranges, make orange juice:

Fresh squeezed orange juice

Often, it's the smallest moments that matter most.  Like finding the time to be together, doing the most ordinary everyday things.  I read that in the Ikea catalog:

Reseda Park

A gorgeous day on the Manhattan Beach pier:

Manhattan Beach Pier

We walked through downtown and stumbled upon the *cream'wich* at The Manhattan Beach Creamery:

The Manhattan Beach Creamery

But of course, we had to try these irresistible ice cream sandwiches.  This is Portia's "it's cold" face:

The Manhattan Beach Creamery

Lego bricks will find you when you stop looking for it:

Downtown Manhattan Beach

Take our daughter and sons to Daddy's work day:

Take our daughters and sons to work day

The Fast and The Furious, Hong Kong Drift:

Fast and Furious

We have to drive so far to have a taste of Taiwan:

xiao long bao

But it's so, so worth sharing xiao long bao and Fluff Ice:

Fluff Ice

with my Dad.  Dig in:

Fluff Ice

 Wishing you good fortune in my ankle booties:

Happy lucky and good fortune weekend!

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