March 23, 2014

This week in pictures | Mar 17-Mar 23, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Shepherd's Pie for dinner:

Shepherd Pie recipe for St. Patrick's Day

Light show for entertainment:

and a kiddie craft that may lead you to a pot of gold:

St. Patrick's Day rainbow craft

We even dress in the car:

Evening walk:

Spam musubi bears before I put their face on:

Bear sushi using spam musubi

He asked and I couldn't say no:

First comes chapstick then comes lipstick...

I get to play passenger on the weekends.  David's arms are still one of his best assets:

Guess where I found the cutest chevron kraft paper? The Dollar Tree!!!

Happy Birthday Jackson!

The Dollar Tree chevron kraft wrapping paper

Thank you for inviting us to your party!!

Sky Zone birthday party

Always in ahhh of all the amazing colors at the farmer's market:

multi-color chard

Spring shopping has begun:


I have an eager apprentice this season:

Anna, donburi, and takoyaki.  Three things that go well together:

Donburi and takoyaki dinner in Little Toyko

Anna drives a fancy thing called a Prius.  Call me hybrid illiterate:

Happy weekend!!

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