March 30, 2014

This week in pictures | Mar 24-Mar 30, 2014

Toppings should always be evenly spaced:

Sore doesn't begin to describe my pain:  


Exercise is rewarding:

Spudnuts donuts

Like a pink frosted heart with sprinkles, rewarding:

Spudnuts heart donut

This is not the smile we practiced:

Preschool picture

Cloudy with a guaranteed chance of sunshine:

Can't wait to see what "gob" Truman does end up with:

DIY lunchables plate for dinner:

Big and bold:

Attended a birthday party at Lollipop Dreams.  Holy moly!

Darn!! Caught in a reflection selfie:

Katrina did a razor cut this time.  Reminds me of his hairstyle when he was a toddler:

Goofing(doodling)-off during Bible class:

Spaghetti with kale, spinach, tomato, and tuna.  David does his best cooking on Sundays:

Having a child nap on your lap puts everything in perspective:

Upside-down cake is not what I had in mind:

This is more like it!


It wasn't me...I swear! Oh, how I'd be lost without him:

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