February 22, 2016

This week in pictures | Feb 15-21, 2016

My phone's storage capacity is at it's max AGAIN! Time to get This Week In Pictures photo series up and running. Here's what I uploaded from last week...

Our Year of the Monkey garland.  How cute are those Minions!!

Year of the monkey chinese new year garland

I loved her "Portia In A Hot Air Balloon" craft so much.

Pre-k hot air balloon craft using paper bag and paper cup

How can Presley be seven already!!?? Sniff...sniff...


We had rain this week! What winter bloom in Socal looks like!


We wait for the bus.

Truman was sick.  It was nice having him run errands with me.  He came with me to get my nails done.  And to buy Mayo.  He hates mayo.

mayonaise at target

Torque from next door.  He drives Pickles crazy.

Stumbled upon an awesome succulent garden while the boys were at tennis.  I so, so want to put decomposed granite in our backyard.

succulent garden at pierce college

We came home to a homemade lunch.  Portia has been practicing her folds.

wonton wrapping

Picking up my sisters birthday cake at Sweet Lady Jane.  Truman had hoped it was the BB-8.

sweet lady jane cakes

We had her birthday dinner in Chinatown.  It was such a good time!

pok pok la, chinatown

My sisters got strong, healthy lungs!!

celebrating at pok pok l.a. with sweet lady jane's triple berry cake

Playing with color while Presley finishes art class.  I like this aqua.

Presley's friend Evan likes the Panthers.  His mom works for corporate at The Cheesecake Factory and hooked us up with their cupcakes.  Employee perks! The vanilla bean frosting is PERFECTION!!

the cheesecake factory vanilla with vanilla bean frosting cupcakes

"Get out of bed Mommy!" She never lets me sleep in:

Presley's Sunday morning request: cinnamon toast with cinnamon apples.

Truman made his own breakfast.

He said it was "the most epic sandwich ever"!!

Till next week! But for now see what we were up to...

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