November 29, 2016

thanks + giving

Our bountiful Thanksgiving feast at my sisters.  I wish I could take credit for ALL OF DAT.

thanksgiving feast

My contribution was minimal - dessert duty.  I decided to make my almond crusted pear tart.

pear tart with almond crusted tart

Arranging fruit in a circular pattern takes me forever.  Like forever.

arranged circular pear tart

The crumble is my favorite part.

pear tart with crumb topping

It needs improving but it certainly wasn't a bust.

pear tart with almond crust

My brother-n-law and my Dad talking turkey.  The best.

thanksgiving with 23 lb bird

2nd year running in Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission's Drumstick Dash!

2nd annual drumstick dash for thanksgiving 5k

"I should've stayed home with Daddy," she kept on mumbling. 

drumstick dash in studio city 2016

After 55 minutes we finally crossed the finish line.

drumstick dash

"What took you so long?" --- Show-offs.

drumstick dash

Thankful for these baby turkeys.

drumstick dash


drumstick dash 

A morning of giving.

Jenn and her kiddos joined us as we cut wrapping paper in lieu of the big annual Toy Wrap coming up on Dec. 3. Our table cut 1,025 sheets!

childrens hunger fund toy wrap 2016

We made it to the Trolls matinee afterwards followed by tacos and ice cream.  Our older boys have known each other since 1st grade.  She's become such a good friend. 

shredded tacos

Long distance best friends got to ice skate together.  

outdoor ice skating at the Lakes

It was magical.

outdoor ice skating at the Lakes

They didn't suck like I thought they would.

outdoor ice skating at the Lakes

We spent the week curtain shopping.

And tree hopping.

tree hopping

tree hopping

tree hopping

"You always say just one more Mommy!" --- It's true.

Chilly delays for dinner.

Disputes in the supermarket.

And he is usually not the UNO winner 😒.

Airport run to pick up Grand Pa.

Some lively, manic moments in the back seat.

And then...David turned off the lights.  BOOOOO!

His hands...

Grill my meat.

Carry my rice bags.

And arranges Sunday morning breakfast.

David and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary.  Just the two of us! I always wonder if the other adults in the restaurant are on date night too.

Major distraction of the night.  Chipped plates bug me.

I found my bathroom tile layed in front of the restaurant.  It's so David and I...and so my skirt.

We also found dessert.

I went to Home Depot to buy soil.  Portia wants to grow an orange tree. Succulents perpetually distract me every time.

My favorite word: FREE.  David's favorite word: LEGO.


We're gearing up for Christmas with new additions of front yard friends.   No, this Mr. Snowman didn't make the cut.

Here's to a blessed season!

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