June 17, 2017

This week in pictures | week 1 of summer

I was so sick this week.

But it didn't stop me from surrendering to our first week of escapades. Summer brings out the late-morning risers in us Huis so although I've been infected the kids have let me roll out of bed at a decent hour.  Plus the fact that we are all so freak'n happy has contributed to my positive recovery.

And so...our photo montage of week 1:

Park day fix before the heat wave sets in.



Car show.

Mommy art camp.

Doggy day camp.

Afternoon naps make a come back.

Hot potato!

Hot hands!!

Hot dogs!!!

Hot wings!!!!

Staring contests.


Library day trip.

Summer is having to take all the kids to the store to be reminded why you don't take all the kids to the store.

Too many chefs in the kitchen.

Love of nature.

Truman on napkin duty for our Father's Day prep.  We're celebrating early with my father-n-law. Truman recreated the napkin fold he saw at a Japanese restaurant when he had dinner with David some weeks back.

Master folder of napkins, origami, paper airplanes, you name it...

Truman's fine dining napkins diminished by my casual flatware.  I hope my father-n-law doesn't notice.


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