June 25, 2017

This week in pictures | week 2 of summer

I'm doing a lot better since finishing my Z pack.  Doing nothing, just to rest, is a hard task being the start of summer and all.  I've rescheduled coffee plans. Postponed play dates. Skipped beach day Tuesdays.  In fact, the only person I let in the house this week was the pest exterminator.

On the other hand, it's relaxing being effortless.  See where the day takes you kinda mindset is nice for a change.

And so, here's our photo montage of week 2:

Father's Day brunch at Joe's Cafe right after the Wonder Woman matinee!

Always love the exposed kitchen look.

I can't compete with her.

FAMILY at Big Catch Seafood House.

42nd Father's Day.  Blessed.

The kids started summer school.

This weeks theme was super heroes and villains.

Her wonder woman arms.

Truman is taking middle school classes now across campus.  No more signing him in/out.  He walks to class on his own and meets us after school at our designated spot.  Surrendering to his coming of age is not easy.

Being laid up in the house all week allows the kids to check off their to do/bucket lists.

Like, organizing their closet.

Yard work.

Improving her twinkle eyes.

Bible study.


Reading the dictionary???? (that wasn't on the list)

Nighttime braid so she can have "poofy" hair in the morning.

I love our summer lunches together indoors...

And outdoors.

I often wonder when they grow up what they'll say was their favorite home cooked meal or what they'll remember about my cooking.

They'll say I made a lot of (lazy)rice bowls.

Girl's best friend.

My well-wishers.

Reunited at last.

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