July 09, 2017

This week in pictures | week 4 of summer

Here's our photo montage of week 4:

I made faux Mojitos.  It's cocktail hour at the Huis!

faux mojitos for those who don't drink alcohol

For some, it's a siesta.

And for others, it's legitimately happy hour.


We spent July 4th in Solvang.

Solvang for the 4th of July festival

Danish capital of America.

clogs at Solvang

Or also known as a kitschy tourist trap in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Danish decor and architecture in Solvang

4th of July has everyone working.


Bummed we missed the parade but how quickly pastries can set things right.

Olsens danish bakery for authentic danishes

Taste of Denmark!

Olsens bakery for many danish pastries

Obligatory Swedish pancake lunch.

Paula's Pancake House in Solvang, CA


Christmas in July.

Solvang Yulle store

More #couplegoals.  David disapproves.


"Baby, you're a firework!"

Katy Perry was on repeat in my head...

4th of July Fireworks in Solvang

"Come on let your colors burst!"

4th of July fireworks in Solvang

"Boom, boom, boom, even brighter than the moon, moon, moon..."

It was an amazing 20 minute light show in the sky!!

4th of July fireworks in Solvang

Sweet dreams America.

Hadsten House

Hello up there!

OstrichLand USA

OstrichLand U.S.A.!

OstrichLand USA

It's windy in Buellton.

OstrichLand USA


OstrichLand USA


OstrichLand USA

They're wicked animals.

OstrichLand USA

Stop in Ventura for lunch.  I love the smell of salty air.

Harbor Ventura Village

Nothings better than seafood by the sea!

Harbor Ventura Village

Seaside ice cream social.

Harbor Ventura Village

Rubber stamping.  Truman made a personalized rubber stamp in art class.

It's been a long time since we've had fried chicken.  And it was GOOD.


A day in the life of a regional manager:

Staff meeting.

Office notes.

Coffee break.

Working hard or hardly working.

Dinner at Maple Block Meat Co.

I love when he buys me dinner at the end of a long work week!

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