July 02, 2017

This week in pictures | week 3 of summer

Here's our photo montage of week 3:

We went to the farmers market!

heirloom tomatos at the one generation farmers market

Fresh produce for the week.

farmers market

Going farm(ers market)-to-table.

My hair right now.  I need a hair cut bad.

Did you hear about the attempted robbery at the Museum of Gems?

diy kids comic strip

Research trip to the ice cream warehouse.  Remember Bomp Pops!!??

northridge ice cream warehouse for ice cream trucks

My sis-n-law is having a galactic baby shower.

ufo ice cream sandwiches

The illusion of the Chinese linking rings.  The kids love magic!

chinese linking rings

I used the crock pot twice this week.  And made homemade avocado sauce.  And salsa.  And leftovers to carry into few more suppers.

A good food week makes me feel ridiculously empowered.


Townhouse living.

Summer means more playtime with Presley's childhood BFF.

FINGER sandwiches.

spam and egg sandwiches


vacuum sealed salmon

HAND made dinner.

hamburger curry

Portia's girl clan came over to kick off July 4th weekend!

pretzel floatie is perfect for friends

Swim coma during dinner.

Sibling pranks after dinner.

Ballgame bleachers.

First time watching my nephew play baseball.  It was so fun!

And my sister is the best cheerleader.

Cousin time.

Love Your Neighbor care packs for the homeless!

Happy 4th of July weekend!

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