July 31, 2017

This week in pictures | week 7 of summer

Here's our photo montage of week 7:

YouTubing and cubing lately.  Thanks Jade!!!!

rubiks cube and many cube friends

Plus, Jeopardy lately...after breakfast.

diy jeopardy games

And Chess lately...after lunch.


Nature walking bunch.

Splash pads, swings, and soft serve.  I love seeing you Joanna!!

oak park

Heading to dinner.

Family style.

EMC The Village

I love summer nights.

Brainstorming ideas for their iMovie at Apple Camp.

The boys used their movie making techniques to produce and direct a movie about an Apocalypse.

There were walkers.

And flesh eating zombies.  I think the iMovie was called Zombies in Swimsuits.

I don't see a future for them in Hollywood.

Black or white, he is.

Marciano Art Foundation

Full of life.

Marciano Art Foundation

Devious darling.

Marciano Art Foundation

We toured the Marciano Art Foundation.

Marciano Art Foundation

Museum days with the family.

Marciano Art Foundation

...makes me HAPPY!

Marciano Art Foundation

We all need art therapy.

Marciano Art Foundation

Night life in K-Town. CRAZINESS!!!


Grilling your meat tableside has become so mainstream in L.A.

Not feeling guilty about this dinner.  Not one bit...since watching Vegucated on Netflix this week.

Korean BBQ

Our mark left in Koreatown.

Bros before bows.

Bros before egg rolls?? I do love egg rolls.  But him much more.

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