February 28, 2016

This week in pictures | Feb 22-28, 2016

I'm addicted to my grocery store sushi.

Spicy tuna roll

I've had it for lunch 3x this week!!

Vege sushi roll

We took a different route to school.


Six months ago Portia was so afraid to walk this way.

Melissa invited me over for coffee...and cake.  I've missed her!!

Epic phenomenon.

Valentine's gram

#5.  Can't we ALL get along!!??

100 toppings.

Front yard putts.

Front putting green

Spaghetti hair buns.

Spaghetti food art

I love her tons.

Peter Pan

Total fantasy.

One plump snap pea.  I love that Presley has gardening at school.

Truman's dirty little secret: hoarding bottles in the backseat.

Goofing around with close ups while we wait for the boys.

Did you know I have an extraordinary heart line? Only like 3% of people have this extended line (the first line along the top)!

The person who comes up with crayon names is a genius!!

Crayon names

All packed and nowhere to go. My father-n-law gave us a new luggage set.

David brought me flowers.  It's been long overdue.


Presley had a field trip this week and I couldn't make it...frown.  But I'm grateful for other mommies who watch over my kids when I can't be there and text me he's-doing-just-fine-and-surviving-without-you-mom pics.

Heal the bay at Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

Shark attack! Thanks Stacey!!

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

This one is from Ann.  She wins for best room parent.

Santa Monica beach

And Jenn captured it all in one photo: the pier, the beach, and one happy boy!

Santa Monica beach

I made blueberry pancakes!

...and pork spare ribs! It was the first time I cooked them in the crock pot!!

Crock pot pork ribs

I love when my food comes out just the way the recipe is written.  It's so gratifying!!!!

Crock pot pork spare ribs

The next night I made a pork loin.  It's been a good eats week in the Hui kitchen!!

Till next week! But for now see what we were up to...

fourth week of February 2015

fourth week of February 2014

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