March 21, 2016

This week in pictures | Mar 14-20, 2016

Magic leprechaun dust! I believe!!

I don't have to be Irish to know ME LUCKY!!

I took the kids to see and hear about the Compassion Experience.  If you haven't gone, GO!!

The Compassion Experience at

We journeyed through a girl's childhood in the Philippines.

The Compassion Experience at

And then through a boys sights and sounds in Kenya.

The Compassion Experience at

They were so engaged. ..

The Compassion Experience at

It made for a great teaching opportunity to talk about childhood poverty and cultural differences.

The Compassion Experience at

My piggies got a fresh coat of paint.

Her new kitties said meow.

Watching ice cream shakes being made from a distance.  I wouldn't mind that job.

I've been experimenting with BBQ sauces lately.  My orange soy glazed drumsticks was ahhhmazing!!

Orange soy glazed drumsticks at

Pioneer Day at school.

Pioneer Day at

Somewhat true.

Pioneer Day at


Fools gold at

We make a great team.

Pioneer day at

Living out of our car lifestyle.

Portia finally tried on her new skates she got for her birthday...two months ago.

We managed to leave the house on Sunday.

Snacks are the same.  Name tags are different.

Springs first lunch on the deck.

And springs first swim of the season!!

Till next week! But for now see what we were up to...

3rd week of March 2015

3rd week of March 2014

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